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25 October 2023 | Tips and tricks


Our suggestions for an efficient clean-up

Winter is at our doors:  rotate your summer articles to leave some space for boots, winter hats and mittens.  A good moment before the cocooning season!

Ménage d'automne


Sort out your drawers and cabinets and get rid of what you did not use during the past year for an efficient fall clean-up

We all have a tendency to keep for an “in case of”, magazines, dishes, children toys, decorative objects, etc.  Why not clean-up and give what you no more use to those in need, such as a community organization or a donation box?

Change your summer clothes for the winter ones

It is the time of year to get your winter clothes out and put away the summer ones.  Prepare the entrance wardrobe for boots, find a big box for winter hats, mittens and gloves. Take time also to sort your clothes and your children’s, think of your family and friends or the local thrift store will be pleased to sell them for you.

Change the bedding

During winter, the nights are generally cooler.  Replace your summer sheets for winter thicker and warmer comforters.  Also think of cleaning your bedding and disinfect your mattress for mites.

Dust your home

It’s time to clean as dust is everywhere and clean the drapes which also accumulate odors.  Dust walls, doors and windows.  Think also to dust your lighting fixtures.  

Clean your kitchen

Fall is a good time to clean the stove, sort all pots with pre-expiration date in your fridge and re-organize your kitchen cupboards.

Store your terrace furniture

With winter coming, your terrace furniture needs to be adequately protected.  You lack space:  do not hesitate to buy a tarpaulin to protect it from severe weather.

Do the clean-up of your locker

It the time of the year to change your tires, therefore, take your winter tires out, store your bike and your summer bins.

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